Moving the Needle: Indivisible Swarthmore is a grassroots organizing group, serving Swarthmore and the surrounding communities, that connects social justice ideals with political action.
We are committed to supporting progressive candidates for elective office in Delaware County and Pennsylvania; building a more socially conscious and politically engaged community; and holding our elected officials accountable.

We promote progressive politics locally, take action to oppose oppression of all kinds, and support groups that defend the most vulnerable.  To meet these goals, we organize direct actions; facilitate teach-ins on crucial issues; host fundraisers; facilitate participation in “Get Out the Vote” and other election-related events; create resources for political education and action; and partner with social justice and progressive political organizations on issues of mutual concern.

We have many interests, including (but not limited to) criminal justice reform, immigration, reproductive rights, and sensible gun control legislation.  We also believe in defending public education, protecting and expanding voting rights, fighting government corruption, and ending district gerrymandering.

We celebrate our group members’ passions, talents, and sense of camaraderie.
We hope the following principles will guide all of us as we pursue our common goals.
  • We recognize and respect the fact that the time members can expend on Indivisible Swarthmore: Moving the Needle will vary widely and will fluctuate over time. Above all, we strive to meet people where they are, at any given moment, and to help them find a space within our group that best matches their available time, their interests, and their level of engagement.
  • We acknowledge the intersectional nature of the identities we bring to our shared work. We recognize that, within any context, we each experience various types of privilege based on race, class, gender identity, age, and physical ability. We hope to be as representative as possible in our membership and leadership, and to acknowledge and support the struggles of the vulnerable among us.
  • By working to raise awareness of our own privilege, we hope, first, to understand how our privilege directly and indirectly affects other people and, second, to confront that privilege.
  • We aim to nurture leaders and build capacity among our membership.
  • We will hold ourselves accountable for our personal relationships with each other and try to foster a nurturing, respectful, and safe community of activists.
  • We remain open to feedback that will help our group grow stronger, more inclusive, and more effective.


  • Indivisible Swarthmore: Moving the Needle, as an organization, will support progressive candidates for political office. We do not endorse candidates for political office. We realize that individual members of Moving the Needle will be candidates for office and/or strongly supportive of a particular candidate.
  • Indivisible Swarthmore: Moving the Needle provides opportunities to meet and discuss issues with progressive candidates for political office. This support may include hosting fundraisers, inviting candidates to speak on particular issues, contributing to election canvassing, and/or sharing information about candidates via email, Facebook, and other forms of social media.
We recognize that, as we come together with a multitude of interests and areas of expertise, our subgroups will and should have different approaches toward our shared mission.
  • We believe that our subgroups should be self-directed and self-governing.
  • All events, fundraisers, press advisories, meetups, teach-ins, etc. initiated through our group should bear the name Indivisible Swarthmore: Moving the Needle.
  • All subgroups should work in ways that honor our mission and values.