Spread the Word: Don’t Leave Your Ballot Naked

In Pennsylvania, mail-in ballots are supposed to be first enclosed in a secrecy envelope to guarantee confidentiality, then in the return mailing envelope. While ballots missing their secrecy envelopes had been counted in the primary election, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently ruled that these “naked ballots” should be rejected in November. 

Voting by mail is new to Pennsylvania in 2020, and many voters are choosing mail-in ballots in November for the first time–whether for health concerns in a pandemic or the convenience of voting from home. Election officials worry that up to 100,000 ballots might be rejected under the new ruling. Given the margin of victory in Pennsylvania in 2016 was just 40,000 votes, we need to make sure that every vote gets counted and every voice is heard! Can you help us spread the word?

We worked with illustrator Barb Chotiner to come up with these eye-catching reminders for everyone to use both envelopes you receive with your mail-in ballot. Download and share on social media!

Click here to download the English version.

Click here to download the Spanish version.