MTN Organizing Meeting Recap: Election Security

On Wednesday, September 18, Moving the Needle hosted Trisha Hall, Solicitor and Election Protection Coordinator of the Delaware County Democratic Committee, for a conversation about voter suppression in Delco and what we can do to stop it. Trisha described a catalog of nefarious behavior she’s documented, from black and brown people being asked to show ID at polling places in Upper Darby, to Judges of Elections not permitting people to cast provisional ballots, to candidates electioneering at polling places—all illegal. The good news: voter suppression in Delco has decreased in recent years as more Democrats volunteer as greeters and poll watchers. The bad news: because so much is at stake in the upcoming election, the Republicans are expected to double down on their dirty tricks.

Trisha also connected the dots between the work we do now and the huge election coming up in 2020. Democrats must win a majority on County Council November 5 this year, because it’s the Council that appoints the Board of Elections, and it’s the Board of Elections that helps control how free and fair elections are. The Board can (or can decline to) give helpful information to voters and would-be candidates; reprimand Judges of Elections who abuse their positions; and provide support and training for election workers on new voting machines. So, if we’re concerned about 2020, we need to get busy.

Biggest take away from the meeting: Everyone who can needs to volunteer on election day! Sign up here.