MTN Organizing Meeting Recap: The Impact of Climate Change

On Wednesday night, January 23, Swarthmore Indivisible: Moving the Needle hosted the first of a two-part series on climate change. Rachel Valletta, Environmental Scientist at The Franklin Institute, showed some of the overwhelming evidence that climate change is happening here and now, and suggested that talking about the issue would be a great first step for people to take. Betsy Bolton, Swarthmore College professor and former chair of the Environmental Studies Program, talked about social justice issues, such as the placement of issues around climate, ranging from waste disposal locations in vulnerable communities (like Chester) to international negotiation rules that minimize the representation of developing countries. She also stressed the need for major action both on the personal and political level. MTN Steering Committee member Jayatri Das gave a summary of the proposed Green New Deal; the group then wrote letters to Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon urging her to support it.