Highlights from the Candidate Forum

Thanks to Mary Gay Scanlon, Leanne Krueger-Braneky, and Tim Kearney for speaking with us on a wide variety of issues, as well as to everyone who attended and submitted questions for the candidates.

SCANLON talked about the importance of good governance issues such as protecting access to the ballot, passing ethics laws, and fighting gerrymandering. She also spoke about her ideas about how to fight the rollback of crucial environmental regulations and to reform the criminal justice system.
KEARNEY shared that addressing educational disparities in Pennsylvania was among his major priorities. He reminded the audience that PA ranks among the lowest in the country in state funding for education, and suggested that a shale gas tax was an obvious way to fund education and lower the residential property tax burden.
KRUEGER-BRANEKY pledged to vigorously defend women’s health from a Republican legislature that has repeatedly tried to enact restrictive abortion laws, and to fight the pressure from the oil and gas lobby in Harrisburg (there are 203 lobbyists for assembly members!). She also reminded the audience that she won her 2016 race by fewer than 600 votes.
Every vote counts!