Lessons for DelCo after Charlottesville

“The challenge lies in how we respond to the evidence of racism all around us, in the banalities of zoning ordinances and housing commissions, the funding of school districts, and the operations of police departments,” states Dr. Rebecca Davis in her Letter to the Editor published earlier today in the DelCo Times.   Therein lies the challenge for communities such as ours reflecting on scenes of horrific violence occurring hundreds of miles away.  It was not our campus that was ablaze with box store Tikis illuminating the faces of evil men and women spilling hate in defense of a Confederate monument.  It was not our streets that a car sped along into a crowd of counter-protestors appealing to the “better nature of our angels.”  But a pervasive evil born of the same hatred is hiding in our institutions, rewarding communities privileged by generational wealth while blind to hidden race bias.  Please take time to read the Letter to the Editor and help us respond with the full might of a active and engaged community fighting for civic virtue.