Education Town Hall Exposes Differences Despite United Opposition to SB76

WSSD Superintendent Lisa Palmer hosted an Education Town Hall at the Strath Haven High School on Friday, March 24. In attendance were State Representative Leanne Krueger-Braneky, State Senator Tom McGarrigle, and the Chief of Staff for State Senator Tom Killion, who was unable to attend due to “prior commitments.” All three politicians stated their opposition to Senate Bill 76, known at the “Property Tax Independence Bill,” which seeks to divert an additional $75 million from public to private schools. Palmer moderated the Town Hall by reading questions posed by attendees. Topics included basic education funding, educator pension funding, and the impact on charter and private schools on public schools.

Click here to read the Delaware County Daily Times write up of this event. Though the article presents a general recap of the event, it fails to highlight the informed, thoughtful responses often provided by Krueger-Braneky with the hackneyed responses frequently provided by Chief of Staff Mike Stoll and the Senator. Krueger-Brankey, speaking before a district her own children will attend, clearly held the advantage all evening.