Moving the Needle Delivers Signed Letter Protesting SB3

A group of Moving the Needle members hand-delivered a letter opposing SB3 signed by more than 60 constituents to staffers at State Senator McGarrigle’s office in Drexel Hill today. The text of the letter appears below. The event was covered by multiple media organizations, including the Delco Times, which can be read here.

Dear Senator McGarrigle,

As your constituents in Delaware County, we are writing to express our resolute opposition to Senate Bill 3. This bill would prohibit all abortions after 20 weeks without allowing for exceptions in cases of rape or incest, [for McGarrigle only: an omission that is in direct contradiction of your stated views during your 2014 senate campaign]. Moreover, this bill also fails to include an exception for severe fetal abnormalities, which sometimes can only be detected close to 20 weeks of pregnancy. Surely you can agree that the decisions facing parents in this situation are difficult, and people of good will can come to different conclusions about what to do. The decisions around medically complicated pregnancies are best left to families without interference from legislators. Finally, the bill outlaws the standard, and safest, procedure for abortions during the second trimester. By eliminating this procedure, SB 3 would force women to take on unnecessary health risks that have no medical purpose.

Despite the significant moral, ethical, and medical questions raised by SB 3, the Senate Judiciary committee did not take any witness testimony nor has it held any public hearings for citizens and senators to hear debate on these issues.

Put simply, Senate Bill 3 appears to be an attempt by some senators to push a far right-wing agenda on the citizens of Pennsylvania before they have a chance to weigh in. You campaigned as a small businessman focused on bringing greater economic opportunity to Delaware County, not as a champion of far right-wing politics.

SB 3 is out of step with the values of Delaware County. We urge you to vote against SB 3, and we will be paying close attention to your action on this issue.